Friday, November 27, 2009

The Style Fit In Eye Shadow & Liner

** Eyeliner brush included.

Make your eyes look deeper and more gorgeous with MISSHA The Style Fit-in Eyes Shadow & Liner.

This combined shadow and liner reveals natural color and pearls, leaving soft feeling without plumping. Containing botanical oil ingredient, it also protects your skin around eye areas without any irritations.

Colors available - Blue, Gray, Pink & Beige


The Style Gel Eyeliner

** Eyeliner brush included.

This Gel Eyeliner offers the precision of liquid liner and the ease of a gel-based formula.


The Style Creamy Eyes

- It contains silicon oil, providing a creamy and soft texture
- It expresses luxurious and natual eye makeup.

Colors available : White, Violet, Brown and Yellow


The Style Dual Eye Tip

- Eye shadow which comes with Eye liner with matching color.
- Apply base color with tip part and create defined line with eye liner on the other end.
- Multi eye makeup item for quick makeup.
- Clings to the skin and creates glistening eye makeup with shimmering pearl.


The Style Pencil Eyeliner

Glides on smoothly without smudging. Hypoallergenic for sensitive eye area. Long lasting.

Colors available : Black, Brown & White

Price : RM6.00

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Creamy Matt Lip Rouge

This lipstick contains shea butter and mango butter to moisturize, and Elastomer powder to give the soft, matte effect.

Its very creamy, very soft and is moderately pigmented. Quite often, matte lipstick tend to make the lips flaky, however, this isn't and perfectly moisturize your lips.

Must grabs!

Colours available BE01, CR01, PK01, PK02, VL07


Pearl Glam Gloss

- Applied softly without irritation, using wide and convenient tip.
- Keeps soft and firm lips with Vitamin E and botanical oil.
- Containing emollient, it makes dry skin moist and shiny.
- Moisture lip gloss without stickiness.

Colors available : OR01, WH01


Shimmer Lip Gloss


Night Evolution Perfect Master

A Total anti-aging night cream creates the bright and dazzling skin in the morning, by improving aging symptoms during the night.

An overnight nourishing cream contains activated ingredients, controlling aging symptoms.

It helps promote metabolism during the night to control all kinds of skin troubles such as fine lines, loss of firmness and dark spots and reduce stress, built up during the day.

This well-adhering and nourishing cream makes skin comfortable during the night while well absorbed deeply into the skin without andy stickiness.

Directions: At the last step of basic skin care at night, apply an appropriate amount over the face and cover it with both palms to be fully absorbed.

RM100.00 (50 ml)

Night Evolution Turn Over Control Peel

A total anti-aging night peeling toner provides skin rejuvenation benefit to improve aging symptoms during the night.

It is a daily peeling toner that contains activated effective ingredients, controlling aging symptoms.

It helps soften dull cornification and revitalizes the skin, during the night while renewing skin to help absorption of next step of basic skin care.

This moist gel type toner creates moisture shield onto dry skin, leaving it moisturized and vitalized with fresh afterfeel and rich nutrients.

RM65.00 (130 ml)